Abigail Morgen

Mental Health


Your Support System Is There

Let them in…

I recently came to realize this, you need to let your support system in. Tell me, how can they help you if you don’t let them in? They can’t… They ABSOLUTELY CANNOT HELP YOU IF YOU DON’T LET THEM! I was there. I didn’t want to worry them. That’s literally the only reason. I didn’t want to make them worry. I felt that it was my responsibility to shield everyone from what was going on in my life. It was a horrible way to think. I have come to realize, and so should you, that you cannot do that to yourself. You are not alone and you shouldn’t deal with this alone. Let people in to help you. Tell them what is happening and how you are feeling. You need people to fall back on when things get bad. Bottling it all up is horrible for your mental and physical health and you cannot do this alone all the time. Use your support system. Let them in so you can all continue to grow. They only want what’s best for you. They will not judge you no matter what your mind is telling you. The person you aspire to be is inside of you and needing help to get there is not a weakness. Getting help from your support system is a strong thing to do. You realize that you need help and you get that help from people that care about you the most.

They want to help you!

When I was going through hard times (mentioned in my previous blog post, I made the mistake of going through it pretty much alone. It wasn’t a good decision. I had so many people around me that wanted to help but didn’t know what I was going through. I had my dad, my mom, my boyfriend, my sister, other family members, etc. but I felt that I needed to shield them from what was really happening. I felt like if I told them what was happening, I would be seen as weak or a failure. If I did mention something to someone, it was always half the story and never the full thing. I felt like I needed to protect those around me from everything going on in my life and in my head. Do not make this mistake. It’s not only hard for you to go through this buy your support system wants to help. They notice something is wrong and if you only tell them half the story, then how will they help you? Again, they can’t. It’s up to you to find the strength to ask for help from those around you. Going through this alone was a struggle and I almost wonder if I asked for help, if everything would have ended better. Would my life be the same as it is now? Would it be any different? Well, the only way from here is to keep moving forward. To do that, I will start including my support system in what’s going on in my life and in my head and you should, too!