Abigail Morgen

Mental Health


Some Good Advice

Ask yourself this question the next time you feel a panic attack coming.

I received some great advice through therapy this week and it was to ask myself “what is the reality here?” When you are getting stressed and if you are like me, stress puts you into a panic attack, ask yourself this simple question, “what is the reality here?” Asking yourself this will help relieve some of the stress you are putting on yourself. When you are stressed and going into a panic attack, like the ones I have, I over exaggerate and make everything more chaotic than it really is. For example, a couple days ago, I came home stressed out and started having a panic attack and instead of sitting down and calming myself down, I started cleaning everything because I kept telling myself that my house is a MESS. In reality, it was pretty clean, but I saw a few things and just blew everything out of proportion. That threw me into a spiral and just made my panic attack that much worse. If I just asked myself what the reality was, I could have calmed myself down enough to really stop what I was doing, calm down faster, and focus on what was actually bothering me and stressing me out besides covering it up with more stress factors.

What is the reality here?

So, next time you are really stressed or about to have a panic attack like I do, then ask yourself, “what is the reality here?” and focus on making it better instead of worse.