Abigail Morgen

Social Media


People don’t want to go on social media to buy products, they want to go on to build relationships and make connections. We’ll help you build a brand on social media while making sure that you’re building those essential relationships. How does this happen?


  • MOOD BOARD: We create a mood board for your brand on Pinterest. Don’t worry, we keep it on private so no one will see it except us.
  • INSTAGRAM VISUAL STRATEGY: Define your Instagram visual strategy. What filter and what aesthetic do you and your audience LOVE?
  • BRAND VOICE: Create a voice for your brand. How old is your target audience and how do they talk? We want to make sure your captions use the same type of voice so that it makes your followers stop and read them.
  • HASHTAG RESEARCH: The days of using random hashtags are OVER. Did you know that there are banned hashtags that could be hurting your engagement?
  • CONTENT PILLARS: Find your content pillars so that we can figure out what your content strategy will be. You DON’T want to be following what everyone else is doing, you want to stand out.

The Process

1. BRAND AUDIT – You complete a packet that is all about your customers, competitors, and the vision that you have.

2. MOOD BOARD – This mood board will be created on Pinterest and then transferred over to a custom brand style guide.

3. ADVICE – We offer you advice but your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. What you say goes.

4. CREATING CONTENT & A VOICE – Captions and a filter are created specifically for you. If you add on our photography services, we will create the imagery for you, otherwise, you are responsible for getting that to us.

5. IT ALL COMES TOGETHER – We’ll upload your content into the social media scheduler that you use and you’ll “sign off” on it. Then, we will schedule the content to be posted on your accounts and start engaging with your audience.

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