Abigail Morgen

Social Media

Social Media On Instagram Tips and Tricks

Let’s talk social media on Instagram tips and tricks. Some of the biggest questions that I get is that it is hard to gain/keep their audience engaged.

The first question that I ask is, “how consistent are you with your posting?”

When looking at social media on Instagram tips and tricks, this comes up a lot. Most of the time, they say “well I post here and there.” This is an issue because people want consistency, even if that means posting twice a week on your two busiest traffic days. You, by no means, have to post every single day to grow your engagement/traffic. It just needs to be done consistently so pick a realistic amount of posts that you can do in a week.

The second question that I ask is, “what kind of content are you posting?”

It is okay to reuse content (with that account’s permission of course) but doing it every day/every time you post is not good. I try to refrain reposting content. However, if there is a really cute and relevant quote designed a way that matches perfectly with the feed that is being created, I might. I will always make sure to get their permission and tag them in the post. So why is getting permission so important? Think of it this way, you spent time creating that post and you’re really proud of it just to have someone steal it and post it to their account and pass it off as their own. Now, that isn’t the case with every account, but it is still good to ask and then give them the credit where it is due.

You should be posting highly relevant content to your target audience and that should be very appealing. You’ve done the research on your target audience and you know what they like so make sure to use that to your advantage!