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Hashtag Strategy for Cosmetologists

Are you a cosmetologist wondering how to go about hashtags? Let’s take a look at how to grow engagement through the use of the right hashtags through Hashtag Strategy for Cosmetologists!

Researching Hashtags

You want to research hashtags in your niche and make a list of them in Microsoft Word or Excel with the number of posts they have. For example:

#hairstylist has 26.7M posts in it

#hairstylistlife has 353K posts in it

There are apps to use in order to find similar hashtags. I use the app “Hashtags.” It is a pink icon with a hashtag in the middle. I like using this in order to find hashtags that have a smaller number of posts in them. If you use the Instagram scheduler, Tailwind, they will also give you the best hashtags to use for the piece of content you are posting as well as how many followers your account has.

777 Rule

The 777 tactic is:

7 hashtags with 10-100K posts

7 hashtags with 100-500K posts

7 hashtags with 500-900K posts

If you aren’t an account with a major following, try to stay away from the hashtags with millions of posts. You’re post will get lost and the people following those hashtags will never see your post. Using hashtags with a smaller number of posts will increase your chances of ranking in the top posts and therefore getting pushed to the people following that hashtag!

Do’s and Don’ts of Hashtags


  1. CREATE BRANDED HASHTAGS – This allows you to have clients utilize your branded hashtags for content they create! User-generated content is the best after all! For example, a branded hashtag could be the name of your business, #abigailmorgen.
  2. USE LONG TAIL HASHTAGS – Long tail hashtags are hashtags that are 3 or more words long and are more niche/audience specific. For example: #hairoftheday or #hairstylistlife


  1. NEVER GO OVER 30 HASHTAGS – I try to stay between 26 and 28 hashtags.
  2. PUT YOUR HASHTAGS IN THE CAPTION – Always put your hashtags in the comments. This makes the caption look cleaner while still adding in your hashtags later.
  3. MAKE UP HASHTAGS – This reduces the chance your post will get seen. Never waste your limited number of allowed hashtags with a hashtag that has no following and no posts. This, however, does not include branded hashtags that you create!
  4. USE BANNED HASHTAGS – What, there are banned hashtags? Yes, there are! Currently, Instagram has over 114,000 hashtags that are banned or not allowed by Instagram. Using one of these will negatively impact your brand and possibly get you shadow banned (OH NO! See below for what that means). To find out if a hashtag is banned, you can Google banned hashtags (which can sometimes be misleading) or you can go directly to Instagram and search the hashtag you are wanting to use. If the hashtag has 0 results, chances are it’s banned! For example: if you search #woman in Instagram, it shows in the results page that it has over 1 million posts. However, if you click on the hashtag, it shows that there are 0 posts. This means it is banned!