Abigail Morgen

Social Media

Cosmetologists – Being Social on Social Media

Are you a cosmetologist wondering why you can’t get new clients or increase your engagement on social media? You have the skills, the videos, the photos but something just seems to be missing.

You’re not being social on social media!

You can’t expect social media to do all the work for you. The truth is, you need to be social on social media. That’s what you’re lacking. In order to get new clients or increase engagement, you need to engage! Using automation to post your content is great! It saves time and makes sure your posts get out to the right people at the right time BUT doing this completely removes the social aspect. Which is NOT GOOD!

So, how do I fix this?

You already have the skills and the content, the trick is finding the time, or the right person, to be social. You need to figure out who you are targeting. This can be the location where you work. Do you enjoy cutting hair, color services, makeup applications, etc. What season are we in (fall, summer, winter, spring, wedding, prom, homecoming, etc.)? Are you targeting women, men, teens, moms with children, etc.? Knowing all of this will help you find your potential clients. Now, using this information, find the hashtags that they are looking at for inspiration. Are they using #updo, #makeup, #homecominghair, etc.? This process might take a while as you will want to use the 7, 7, 7 rule. All in all, you NEED to use social media to not only post your amazing talent, but to be social! Make your potential clients feel good and make them wonder who you are and what you can do! The trick is to get them interested and keep them interested in you!