Abigail Morgen

Social Media

Are you a Lost Cosmetologist Trying to build Up Your Instagram? Do you Have a Target Audience?

Do you find yourself asking, “I’m a cosmetologist, how am I supposed to figure out my target audience for social media and why do I need to?” Let’s vamp up your social media presence! Before we go any further though, MAKE SURE YOUR INSTAGRAM IS A BUSINESS PROFILE! Create a Facebook page and make that Instagram account a business page. That way you can track your success and see what content people mainly respond to! Not going to lie though, as a cosmetologist, you are mainly going to be using Instagram and Facebook. I would focus more time on being social on Instagram while posting on both Instagram and Facebook.

Honestly, your target audience is SUPER important!

As a cosmetologist, whether you focus on hair, makeup, nails, etc., you need to know who your target audience is to really utilize social media to grow your engagement and get those new clients! Not knowing this can cause confusion and won’t help you get in front of new clients as you will only be “social” with your current followers.

You need to be SOCIAL on SOCIAL media!

You need to find your target audience so that you can interact with them. Comment on their photos, like their videos, save their content, etc. You need to be social!! Interacting with someone that you know would be interested in what you have to offer will entice them to look at your account and see who you are and ultimately what you can do!

So, how do I find my target audience?

Let’s say that you’re a hairstylist, you love various color and cutting techniques and you definitely have the skills and content to get people interested in coming to see you. However, you’re stuck at the same amount of followers and barely getting the engagement needed to show your posts to those desired NEW CLIENTS! Let’s break this down.


  1. YOUR LOCATION: Where are you located? You can’t spend your time engaging with accounts all the way in California if you’re located in Illinois. Chances are, they will not come all the way to you if they have local options. Just don’t waste your time unless you know for a fact that they are moving to where you are located (which you can find out through social listening, but that’s a topic for another day).
  2. SERVICE: Are you looking for clients that would love your cutting or coloring techniques? Or do you do it all and want to focus on getting more nail clients? Narrowing down what service you’re trying to promote will help you create content to focus on gaining clients in that area of focus. If you hate doing nails but you still offer them, don’t promote them! You want to promote the services that you LOVE, that way you get more content (photos and videos) of those services.
  3. TIMING: Is it wedding season? Homecoming season? Prom season? Fall? Summer? Winter? Is school starting soon? Are the holidays coming up? Whatever the timing is, focusing your content and hashtags (Click here to find out how to utilize hashtags to the best of your ability) around the time of the year will benefit you immensely! Chances are, your target audience isn’t going to be interested in updos in the middle of February and many of them won’t be looking for that perfect auburn colored hair in the middle of July (some might but the majority probably aren’t). If you are posting content with auburn colored hair in the middle of summer, use a catchy caption to still get that engagement that you’re looking for. Something like “Auburn isn’t just for fall!”
  4. COMPETITION: YES, you need to look at your competitors. What are they posting, what aren’t they posting? Are they creating beautiful videos while you’re just posting photos? You need to find out how you stand out. What makes you different and how can you set yourself apart from them? I know you might not want to do this but look at hairstylists in other cities and engage with them! Chances are if you take the time to look at their content and leave a comment or follow them, they will return the favor. Who knows, if one of their clients is moving close to where you are, they might just refer them to you!
  5. DEMOGRAPHICS: Remember earlier how I said to make sure your Instagram is a business account? Well, this is super important and can save you A LOT of time!
  • I just switched to a business account, what are demographics and how do I get there to see them?
    • So, demographics are insights into who already follows and interacts with your content on Instagram. You can find them by going to your Instagram account and clicking on the 3 hamburger lines on the top right of the page. After that, click “Insights” and then “Audience.”
  • What does the “Audience” tab show me?
    • In audience, you can see how many followers you have, top locations (which you can use to geotag your posts), age of your followers, gender, and the days/times your audience is most active.

    I found my target audience, but it still doesn’t seem specific enough.

    The next step is buyer personas! If you have a target audience and don’t have time to really dive into the specifics, then stick with your target audience for a while. We aren’t going to get into this a lot in this article but stayed tuned, we will touch base on this again at another time!

    What is a buyer persona?

    A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and data from your real customers. You will need to consider demographics (location, age, gender, etc.), behavior patterns, motivations, and goals.